Truth In Audio has its roots in education and we consider our curriculum contributors to be the brain-trust of the company. Many decades of knowledge are available to us and because of this, we felt it was necessary to harness this brain power and point it at specific projects. The training academy will always be our primary focus but we will also see advancement in many areas of professional live audio. Below are some brief descriptions of additional programs that the company has put in place.

TIA has its own version of a skunkworks project – it’s called HotRod and carries its own distinctive icon, derived from the original TIA icon.








Wikipedia defines a skunkworks project as this: A skunkworks project is a project developed by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop a project primarily for the sake of radical innovation. The term originated with Lockheed’s World War II Skunk Works project. The term typically refers to projects developed in semi-secrecy. Steve Jobs created a skunkworks project to develop the Macintosh computer.

Primarily used for marketing the training academy and the people/companies involved, our “small and loosely structured group “is a brain trust” of people that form our contributor group. Their combined knowledge and expertise is channeled into special marketing projects to elevate the visibility of the academy and to entertain the audio industry.







TIA has created the International Product Evaluation Program (IPEP) and offers it exclusively to the academy’s sponsors. Within this program, manufacturers have the opportunity to have products and/or processes reviewed by industry experts who are all bound by confidentiality agreements. Manufacturer IP is held strictly confidential.

Here are some examples of what the TIA sponsor group will have access to:

  • New product evaluation
  • Existing product evaluation
  • Factory training curriculum review
  • Factory technical sales presentation review
  • Training video creation
  • Complete product training creation
  • Yearly round-table discussions at select tradeshow events
  • Demo equipment packaging and documentation
  • Demo equipment storage and logistics (coming soon!)
  • Private consultation




à la carte program

Many manufacturers would offer more training opportunities if they could. The truth is that these training sessions are expensive to produce and can be cumbersome to present as many manufacturers do not have a dedicated staff to handle the logistics and organization. The TIA academy is already mobile and specializes in the organization of such events, carrying the necessary infrastructure and support staff.

The TIA syllabus and classroom environment are built around the art and science of sound and not specific brands or their products. Our academy sponsors know this and with that in mind, they must stand back to let us present our 3-day classroom sessions as we see fit. Once the TIA classes have been cleared, manufacturers are free to advance a specific brand training post-TIA training. Students who sign up for the TIA class on our website will see the opportunity to select additional training from various school sponsors (extra fees will apply if applicable). Manufacturers who have signed up for the à la carte program will present a signup link on their respective websites making it simple to learn where to participate in a specific manufacturer training opportunity.

TIA also has plans in the works to create à la carte training sessions based on disciplines including networking, rigging, business, etc. These will be organized by the TIA academy itself and will be presented with accreditation. Keep your eyes on the website and the schedule to see when one of these programs is offered in your area.