Truth In Audio (TIA) is a unique training academy that is joining forces with manufacturers and live sound veterans for industry-sponsored training and brand promotion. Technicians entering or advancing in this industry now have a clearly defined educational choice allowing them to stay current with the industry’s leading techniques, trends, and best practices, while manufacturers have an industry ally upon which they can trust to promote their brand.

As veterans of the audio industry, TIA management intuitively understands the need for manufacturers to promote their brand image, as well as justify the spending of their marketing budgets. While we are in the business of selling education, we understand that you are in the business of selling products. Our continuous access to industry personnel and influencers positions us strongly to bring brand awareness to your future customers while also filling the gap that exists between intern level and specialized “manufacturer-based” training.

To become involved with our program, manufacturers can choose to purchase one of four sponsorship levels: Title Sponsor, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The prestigious Title Sponsor level sponsorship is a negotiated agreement, while the Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels have established. pricing.

Along with the baseline benefits of sponsorship, manufacturers also have exclusive access to several compelling programs that exist as extensions of our brand:

“a la carte” Opportunity for supporting manufacturers to add factory trainings to TIA stops around the USA and Canada.

The International Product Evaluation Program (or IPEP) where the brain trust of TIA can be privately leveraged to evaluate and test your company’s products.

HotRod – The TIA “skunk works” division where “out-of-the-box” thinking is used to promote the training program and the brands that support it.

Contact us for more information on how your company can get involved!