The purpose of Level 1, Foundational Training is to provide students with a high-level view of many important topics of the audio industry. From the purely technical to the anecdotal, our mission is to better prepare our students for the workforce while also providing continuous opportunities to enhance their capabilities. TIA wishes to promote the collaboration of the old guard with the new guard as we feel that everyone benefits from the passing on of information. For this reason, all students, regardless of experience, will be required to attend Level 1 before being eligible to move on to Level 2. As Level 2 is rolled out (late 2019 – first quarter 2020), we will preface each Level 2 training with a Level 1 training. This means that students interested in getting straight to Level 2 can do back-to-back sessions. Below is a general list of topics that will be covered in the Level 1 class, as well as a daily timeline. This list should be considered preliminary as we anticipate modifications to the content as we develop the program. Students that have completed Level 1 but may have not obtained the most up-to-date curriculum, will be provided access to a video library being developed on the Truth In Audio website where online versions of the classes will be presented.

Morning – FOH discussions
Topics for the FOH morning session will include, but not limited to the following:
1. Proper gain structure and signal flow from analog to digital (prepared by Martin Frey)
2. Using ancillary tools – plug-ins, microphone selection, etc. (prepared by Stanley Soares)
3. The bridge between FOH and Sound System (prepared by Jim Yakabuski)

Afternoon – All about sound systems
Topics for the loudspeaker, the afternoon session will include, but not limited to the following:
1. What exactly IS sound (learning the fundamentals)
2. Loudspeaker design topology (understanding what it takes to make a modern-day loudspeaker)
3. Using today’s modern systems (a review of past, present, and future system deployment)
4. The art of tuning (understanding modeling, measurement, DSP, audio over IP)
At any given time, TIA will bring in industry pros to assist in delivering the education. Sometimes this may be live
guests but typically, we will bring guests into the class via live video + audio.
At the end of the day, we reserve 1 hour to complete a comprehensive discussion about the live sound industry and what it takes to effectively seek and obtain work. We will also use this hour for general Q&A to make sure that students have the opportunity to ask questions or recap sections of the training.

Our goal with Level 1 is to spark the imagination with basic concepts and to prime the mind for the much more deeply involved Level 2 when it is released. In Level 1, it will not be required to bring anything other than a fresh mind that has had some sleep. We provide all that will be needed for the entire day including coffee and pastries upon your arrival at 8:30AM. The session begins at 9AM sharp!

We will provide on-site lunch beginning at 12 noon for a period of one hour and once the afternoon session is complete, students are invited to Hauler 1 for a get-together and to have open discussions with others. To follow is a breakdown of how the day will run:
8:30AM – Coffee, tea and pastries served at Hauler 1
8:55AM – Call to arms – please take your seats
9:00AM – Session begins with Chris Wilson
10:30AM – coffee break
10:45AM – session resumes
12 noon – break for on-site lunch
1:00PM – After session begins with Bernie Broderick
2:30PM – break
2:45PM – session resume
4:00PM – break
4:15PM – session resumes
5:00PM – Final Q&A session begins
6:00PM – session ends and certificates – swag are handed out
6:15 – Get-together at Hauler 1 for post-training goodwill

To attend a Truth In Audio training session, please visit our Events page to review where we will be and what sessions we will be providing.

Note: Level 1 training does not require any special equipment to participate. The only thing we ask of you is to be well prepared by having good rest the night before.
Cell phones must be silenced completely during TIA training sessions. Interruptions due to cell phone usage will be greatly frowned upon – just sayin’!