File Number – 1019750-54 – The Green Monster

Late 80’s – early 90’s, point source sound system “Resto-Mod”.

Manufacturer – EAW, KF750/755

Agents Activated – Pepe Ferrer – Ferrit Rowe – Bernard Broderick – Agent X – Robert Scovill – David Gunness

Mission Description – To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Live Design International, TIA’s “HotRod” division is engaged in redefining the original EAW system to bring it up to modern-day standards. The system is set to be revealed at LDI in Las Vegas, October 19 and 20, 2018.

Demonstration Sessions – Friday the 19th at 1 and 3;30PM and Saturday at 1, 3;30 and 7:30PM to close out the show. Details of the demonstration content are forthcoming.

Additional Information – The iconic EAW 750 was one of the last great point-source systems designed prior to line arrays becoming popular. brilliantly engineered, the system boasts a highly coherent, 35 x 35 degree pattern with extremely high output. A resto-mod project takes the shell of old designs and replaces the internal components with modern day products. This is not a refurbishment per se but rather a second look at what the EAW KF750 system could have been had it been designed today.

Modern sound systems come pre-packaged for the most part. Have a problem? Call the manufacturer. This is great for the live sound industry as a whole as it provides consistency and repeatable results to the end user but also neuters the curiosity of sound systems techs. The “old days” had us in parking lots out back tearing apart systems and understanding how they worked and how we could improve them but for the most part, this era has disappeared. It is not surprising then that manufacturers that I speak to have a hard time finding loudspeaker designers. The old guard is on the way out and with them goes valuable real-world intelligence on what makes things tick. HotRod is designed to bring back that curiosity by tackling things in a fun and informative way. We bring together those cowboys to take on special projects simply to see what can be done. The goal of HotRod is not to “fix” anything but rather to re-imagine and educate our industry on what makes sound so incredibly interesting to us. We certainly hope the results are impressive but there are no guarantees and that leads to further understanding, experimentation and anticipated / unanticipated results. The KF750 “Green Monster” project is the first of a list of projects we intend to present as a function of the TIA Training Academy and the company as an entity.

Details Of The Project: 

Enclosures – 8 x KF750 and 4 x KF755 supplied by Anderson Audio from Harrisburg, PA (

Lows – Original 18 Sound parts to be upgraded to Beyma 12P80NDv2, Neodymium 12″ components (click for driver specs)

Mids – Radical switch from the original CSA 10″ device designed by Jeff Rocha of EAW to the new Celestion, Axi2050 mid/hi compression driver mated to an additional horn (click for driver specs)

Highs – Switching original Beyma, 2″ compression driver to Beyma, 1″ compression driver using a 2″ to 1″ throat adapter (click for driver specs)

Power / DSP – Provided by RAM Audio from Valencia, Spain using their V12044 amplifiers with on board, FIR based DSP (click for amplifier specs)

Rigging – Original rigging had all enclosures hanging in a flat, barrel-shaped array. The new version will allow sculpted positioning of each enclosure (like a pumpkin). We have also sourced aluminum flybars for the system which will greatly reduce weight.

Project Contributors:

Live Sound International, USA –

ProSoundWeb, USA –

Live Design International, USA –

Anderson Audio – USA –

Fulcrum Acoustics – USA –

Sound Image Productions – USA –

Sound Image – USA –

Acustica Beyma, Spain –

RAM Audio, Spain –

Celestion, United Kingdom –

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